Ways to Improve Laptop Life

Ways to Improve Laptop Life

With the launch of tablets in the gadgets market, the sale of laptops may have dropped a bit, but there’s no way tablets are replacing laptops. There’s not one but, in fact, many reasons why laptops are irreplaceable. They can be carried anywhere since they are portable. They have a compact design, quieter working space, brilliant inbuilt features, extra security cover, and are now available at affordable prices too! Since laptops are an investment in themselves, it is vital to take care of them properly to increase their lifespan. Here are five ways to improve laptop life which you must adopt to maintain your laptop carefully:

1) Keep It Clean

First, days go and then weeks pass by, and then you suddenly start to notice the dust kissing your laptop. Please do not take it lightly. Get a soft brush to clean the dust effectively between keys too. Remove dust from the corners and sides of the screen too. To clean the laptop’s body, you can use a damp cloth dipped in a gentle cleanser to wipe off every speck of dust. You can also buy a laptop cleaning kit to simplify this task.

2) Let It Breathe

Yes! You read it right. Placing a laptop on the bed and watching movies is enjoyable to you, but you are doing it the wrong way! Laptops have a vent at the bottom of their body, allowing air inside to cool the internal gears. When you place your laptop on the bed for long hours, you block the way through which the air flows out. This means that your laptop ends up getting over-heated. Over-heating of laptops is responsible for the slow running of applications, frequent turn-offs, and even permanent damage.

3) Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

If you run many heavy applications on your laptop or have recently started over-heating, it’s best to buy a laptop cooling pad to change the situation. When you use your laptop for a more extended period, even for essential functions, the temperature of its internal components rises significantly. The cooling pad will bring down this temperature and cool your laptop, thereby preventing it from damages in the long run.

4) Buy a Sturdy Case

Protect the body of your laptop from scratches and bumps by storing it in a good quality case. You probably carry your laptop to work, coffee shops and travel with it on public transport. It becomes essential to store it properly. See to it that the laptop bag is lightweight and has good padding to guard your laptop. You can even buy a laptop skin to provide an extra layer of protection to it.

5) Hardware Upgradation

It’s been two years since you bought your new laptop and now it shows signs of slow performance. But you aren’t ready yet to give up on it and purchase a new one. Your best bet, in this case, can be to upgrade your hardware or with a different operating system and see a visible change in the performance of your laptop. You can take the help of a computer engineer who can fix this issue. Before upgrading, it’s essential to know the cause, slow down your laptop, and take corrective action. Who knows that you might end up giving your laptop an almost new life!

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