Tips For Extending Your Wireless Network Signal

Tips For Extending Your Wireless Network Signal

You have a wireless router installed in your home office; however, you would like to access the Internet from your bedroom to download some television programs or do some additional work. You realize that the wireless signal from your office does not extend throughout your entire house — or if it does, you may encounter several “dead spots” or signal drops.

A repeater or booster may help in some situations, and here are a few tips on using those devices, as well as extending your router’s signal.

Take your repeater (purchased at your local computer supply retailer) and position it where the router is broadcasting its strongest signal. Instructions that come with the repeater should tell you that this point is probably halfway between the router and the devices you want to connect.

Your firmware should be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the repeater is working correctly and that you are not experiencing any glitches.

If your router has extra features you are not using, turn them off. The repeater stations should also have DHCP, and routing functions turned off. These services should remain at the main router.

Using the technical support department from the repeater’s company, experiment with differing IP address configurations. You should be able to go through different ranges of IP addresses and determine if that gives your wireless network a boost.

If there are any microwave ovens or cordless phones directly between the repeater and the router, these should be removed as they cause interference between the two units.

Try changing the antenna positions of the repeater and the router to achieve maximum signal strength for your wifi connection.

Use a bit of aluminum foil on the repeater antenna, attaching it with electrical tape. Once this is done, point the antenna, and it should bounce the router’s signal farther.

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