Can we live without Smartphones?

Can we live without Smartphones?

Smartphones. These dangerous little devices have become the social centerpiece of our entire lives. We not only use Smartphones for calls and texts. They are our cameras, portable gaming devices, music players, notepads, sat navs, and, more importantly, our access to the internet.

So what happens when your Smartphone becomes damaged, and you have no choice but to use a retro mobile phone which will be referred to as the “brick”? Well, from personal experience, it does not feel great. You feel like an outcast. You are not able to integrate with society because your “brick” is just so god damn humiliating.

My mates kept on asking me if I could check something out on Google on my “brick”. For obvious reasons, I was not able to do such “modern-day” things on my brick as it does not have such facilities that we now take for granted, to do so. Hence, I had always received mischievous smiles when they knew I could not do such things whilst I had my “brick” – it can also be called a “doorstop”.

It’s even worse when you have an addiction (or an obsession) to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. How are you able to keep up to date with someone having toast for breakfast or who’s having an emotional breakdown while they are pouring their hearts out for the rest of the world to see. I, for one, am not a fan of putting my entire life out on Facebook, and I do see myself as someone who keeps himself to himself. But let’s face it, it has (weirdly) become a social norm to see what everyone else is up to.

A good example of this was when the O2 network went down throughout the UK. A majority of people complained. What did they complain about? They were not able to access Facebook and Twitter. That’s right. The more sensible people, however, complained that they were not able to make that important business call or they weren’t able to call their mum.

Most, if not all Smartphones, are equipped with cameras. Now, we have grown accustomed to taking out our phones whenever we see a minor c-list celebrity whilst we are out and about in town or in our shopping centers. But to be able to not do that makes you lose your bragging rights and, more importantly, your proof of evidence that you have spotted this minor celebrity. I mean, who now takes digital cameras wherever they go. Your camera on your Smartphone, in most cases, is actually a better camera than your actual digital camera – unless you have an SLR.

I admit, being without a Smartphone was a bit of an eye-opener. It does make you wonder how we ever coped without them in the first place. Now it’s part of our lives, and your phone is part of you. This piece of technology is great for keeping in touch with people all over the world. You can share photos and messages for free on messaging apps like Whatsapp.

So if you ever lose or damage your Smartphone. Just be prepared to lose a huge chunk of your life for a short period of time. And be prepared to receive a considerable amount of (friendly) abuse.

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